Yontro is an enterprise consisting of a group of energetic and dynamic, young professionals, who control the operations of the company, to translate the plans and designs of a visionary and veteran of more than 25 years experience, into a successful business enterprise.

We have more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing equipments, testing them to ascertain that they are adopted for the local conditions and fine tuning them for rugged operation even in harsh conditions. Most of the equipments are either import substitutes or specially developed to suit the exact requirement of a specified operation.

Now with Yontro, we are turning a new leaf, to market and promote our innovations and making them available to the production professionals of the world.

Over the years, we have manufactured a range of products which are categorised as follows :

PCBA Equipments : This includes a complete range of machines for the PCB assembly industry. They include component pre-forming machines, component insertion line, soldering systems for through-hole and SMT, final assembly and touch-up lines.

Wire Processing Equipments : This includes machines for the wiring harness industry. They include wire sizing machine, wire stripping machines, terminal crimping machines.

Conveyor Systems : We manufacture various types of conveyors like belt, chain, free flow, gravity roller, power roller, slat, slat band, modular plastic conveyors etc. These conveyors find application in industries like automobile, engineering, food processing, plastic moulding, pharma, electronics FMCG etc.

Automation Solutions and SPM’s : We provide pneumatic and PLC based automation solutions for various applications. We also make special purpose machines for any tailor made requirement for production or testing.